Merry Land Hotel

Merry Land Hotel



Located in the hills of Naas, Bikfaya, Merry Land Hotel is the perfect place for recreation and pleasure. With a view of the Lebanese coast from one side and the Sanine Mountains from the other, you can enjoy a comfortable stay surrounded by a stunning nature of pine forests and snowy mountains.

Merry Land Hotel is a 3 star hotel with 52 rooms divided as follows:
• 5 single rooms 
• 24 double rooms 
• 5 triple rooms 
• 8 connected rooms (family suites) 
• 10 luxurious rooms

Merry Land Hotel runs on a 24/7 schedule, providing services and amenities that will go beyond our guests’ satisfaction. Our guests have access to:
• an exquisite terrace with a beautiful view 
• a restaurant serving both Middle-Eastern and European cuisine
• an open parking 
• a playground for children 
• a multifunction room capable of accommodating conferences, wedding receptions, or many other types of events
• internet connection
• a swimming pool
• a health club and sports center 
• a thermal cure in the fabulous Mineral Water of Naas

Merry Land Hotel

Tel: +961 4 980390 +961 4 982693 +961 4 984490 +961 3 744490 Fax: +961 4 980390

Email: [email protected]

Address: Naas – Bickfaya, Lebanon


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