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A Zionist activist, teacher, kibbutznik, politician and Israel’s fourth prime minister, she certainly did it all. Rotter chairs cancer research at Weizmann and focuses her studies on the p53 tumor suppressor gene that helps protect healthy cells from developing cancer. After graduation, women are apt to leave the political arena for less demanding careers. In recent years, legislation has been proposed to obligate parties to open their ranks to women, by curtailing government support to parties with less than 25% women candidates. Since the founding of the State, only four women have served as mayors of municipalities. In each Knesset, nearly two­thirds or more of the women members have represented center or left­of­center parties.

The eruption of violence between Israeli Arabs and Jews in May could prove to be a rallying force for action after years of government neglect of this long-simmering crisis, added Haj-Yahya. They analyzed the women’s movements during passport control and luggage retrieval, determining they were smuggling illegal substances. Momentum is a global movement focused on the greatest influencer — the Jewish mother.

In 2016, after years of activism by the feminist group Women of the Wall, Netanyahu approved a plan to expand the space at one of the holiest sites in Judaism. The Western Wall is the last remnant of the Second Jewish Temple, built by Herod the Great around 516 B.C.

  • While the number of women MKs has remained relatively stable since the early days of the state, the number of women participating in local politics has increased systematically.
  • They’ll discuss Israel’s new far-right government, its plans to overhaul and weaken the judiciary, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ongoing corruption trial, and U.S. policy on Israel under President Joe Biden.
  • Since the establishment of the state, Israeli law gives jurisdiction for matters of personal status for Jews, including marriage and divorce, to the rabbinical courts.
  • Women in Israel earn 67 percent of what men earn, according to the 2020 Gender Index conducted by the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
  • Once in Israel, she quickly became involved in Israeli politics, rising to the top of the game to become Israel’s first, and currently only, female prime minister.

Honigman, a fashion brand, “adjusted” its campaign featuring the model Sendi Bar to show, in Jerusalem, only her torso. That year, posters for the Jerusalem Marathon portrayed only male runners—until public outcry caused the city to add images of women.

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Born in 1981, she grew up in a Muslim family in the Jewish town of Dimona, and is well-known in Israel for promoting coexistence and tolerance. Since winning the prize, Yonath has become a great model continue reading on in Israel for higher education and has inspired great interest in science. Not strictly Israeli, Dr. Ruth Westheimer is actually a fascinating pre-state figure. Born in Germany in 1928, she arrived in Mandatory Palestine after losing her parents in the Holocaust. Once here, she joined the Haghanah paramilitary organization, where she was trained as a sniper. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we brought together some of Israel’s most inspiring, trailblazing and absolutely fabulous women.

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A major milestone came in 1995, when the High Court of Justice ruled that women were entitled to both formal and substantive equality in their military service—opening up combat positions to women, first to serve as pilots and then as combat soldiers in various prestigious units. The possibility of expanding the integration of women into additional combat roles is currently being examined. Controversy has also been created by discrimination against women in public spaces. Women of the Wall have fought for the right of women to pray in their fashion at the Western Wall, including wearing prayer shawls, singing and conducting priestly blessings by daughters of the priestly caste. Women have also been denied the right to sing at some public events, such as memorial services and in the Knesset.

What would the government’s planned judicial overhaul mean for Israel’s standing, global cooperation, and economic investments? Join FP’s Dan Ephron in conversation with Amir Tibon, a senior editor and writer at Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. They’ll discuss Israel’s new far-right government, its plans to overhaul and weaken the judiciary, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ongoing corruption trial, and U.S. policy on Israel under President Joe Biden. Despite the array of ideologies in Israel’s new coalition government, both religious and secular, the country’s Haredi, or Ultra-Orthodox political parties, find themselves out of the government. This past week, when a photograph of the new government circulated online, the Haredi news site Behaderey Haredim published the photograph of the politicians standing shoulder to shoulder, with nine of their faces blurred—the faces of the women. Despite renewed hope around Israel’s new government, not all women’s rights activists are optimistic about the prospects of change in Israel. Any advancements for women in Israel put forth by the new government will have little bearing on the daily lives of women in the Palestinian territories, as they are governed by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and by the Islamist militant group Hamas in Gaza.

Those acquainted with regional history might find similarities to the Treaty of Jaffa , which ended the ‘Third Crusade’ and determined a truce between Saladin and Richard the Lionheart by settling the status of Jerusalem and religious minorities. The agreements do not mention, even once, the words “democracy,” “rights,” or “equality.” Given that the United States was the primary mediator of these accords, the absence is truly alarming. Women in the Knesset play an important part in shaping government responses to a variety of issues, particularly on the domestic front. Notable legislative successes to date include progress in the areas of affirmative action, comparable worth and equal pay legislation, and strict measures in cases of violence against women.

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A few of them speak about the euphoria of making a lot of money, the financial freedom, the power they felt quite often as sex workers. They are eloquent, thoughtful – they speak with openness about the difficult moments they experienced, about violence, disrespect, humiliation and trauma – but in the same breath also describe surprising empowering experiences of feeling strong, independent and in control. The Times of Israel is committed to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and independent journalism provides an essential protection for democratic equality. If you share these values with us, please consider supporting our work by joining The ToI Community.

In 2006, Miriam Shear, an American Jewish woman, claims she was attacked by ultra-Orthodox men after refusing to move to the back of the bus on a non-segregated line. Critics likened the “mehadrin” lines to racial segregation in the United States, with Shear compared to African American icon Rosa Parks. In July 2004, American-Israeli novelist Naomi Ragen claims she was bullied for refusing to move to the back of the bus. In 2013, Israel’s attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, advised ministers across the government to end gender segregation in public spaces. If implemented, the guidelines would change many aspects of daily life in Israel, where gender segregation is allowed on buses, at funerals, in health care and on radio airwaves. In 2017, in response to the growing outcry over domestic violence, Netanyahu’s government approved a $77-million five-year plan to combat the crisis.

The first female president of Israel’s Supreme Court, Dorit Beinisch is one impressive lady. Born in Tel Aviv in 1942, Beinisch studied law in Jerusalem before embarking on a long career in public law, becoming the State Attorney , a Supreme Court Judge and finally its president.

In September 2020, the Abraham Accords, signed by Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain, were published — the first official peace agreements between Israel and an Arab country since the peace treaty with Jordan in 1994. Although the Abraham Accords were presented by the signatories as an important milestone toward regional cooperation, they do not address the continued occupation or the rights of Palestinians, leaving the most controversial issues aside. Coincidently or not, they also fail to mention women and, as such, do not differ from previous accords signed by Israel in the 1990s in their approach to gender in terms of process, content, or discourse. About 30 out of 100 women with a BRCA gene mutation will get ovarian cancer by the time they turn 70 years old, compared to fewer than 1 out of 100 women in the general U.S. population. About 50 out of 100 women with a BRCA gene mutation will get breast cancer by the time they turn 70 years old, compared to only 7 out of 100 women in the general U.S. population.

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