Romania Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Europe’s 12 million Roma people are the continent’s largest minority, yet their isolation means few of us actually know much about them. A self-defined Roma feminist theatre company, called Giuvlipen, wants to bust these myths and stereotypes.

  • Once you develop a personal relationship Romanians will open up slightly.
  • “We are all now facing very tough moments in our lifetimes, because of the pandemic.
  • Not only are they pretty, but these ladies are also endowed and have perfected the art of enhancing their curves to make heads stare.

This was indeed a problem several years ago, when street dogs were wandering through the parks and public spaces of cities from Romania, day and night, even attacking people. Romanians do not live with the bears – although sometimes the animals do leave the mountains and the forest to visit the villages for some food.

A strategic agreement was concluded between ANES , the ROWL and ADRI addressing the situation of vulnerable Romanian women in Italy and particularly gender and status based discriminations. The two-years agreement includes specific measures targeting vulnerable women in labour market, prevention of exploitation and discrimination of Romanian women abroad and on common transnational policies. A special attention was given on harmonisation of legislation with Istanbul Convention provisions regarding migrant women and also Chapter II.F from Recommendation – Measures II.F.1 and 2. Training with 42 professionals working in protected houses for victims of domestic violence at national level included a module on presentation of the campaign on sexism. Training regarding sexism with a group of girls ages , on sexism in general, covering cyber-violence, sexism in justice, sexism in politics and sexism in private lives. LGBT issues don’t have to be a source of controversy in the classroom, and Romania should not ban them. In the face of a global backlash in schools, affirmatively recognising the reality of LGBT lives is good for children, good for families, and good for the development of a more inclusive and rights-respecting society.

Similar programs can be adopted to Romania where the educational system provides very little support for students’ STEM preparation at the elementary level and STEM-focused programs are needed. The majority of drawings represented male scientists, and only about a quarter represented a female scientist. Male students drew predominantly male scientists; only one male student drew a female scientist.

Gender Roles : A Social Norm For Women

I was warned not to use my credit card because I would be robbed. I was told to expect stray dogs just wandering the streets waiting to bite. I was urged to be wary of Romani gypsies selling roses because it was just a ploy for them to pick-pocket unsuspecting victims.

The Erasmus Generation Blog publishes and hosts articles from volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network and young people from around the world. The articles revolve around current topics discussed among the Erasmus Generation such as mobility exchange, culture, travel, sustainability and more. It is a place for young people to find answers to their questions and read interesting stories from people that share their values. If you’ve ever been displeased with the stereotypes connected to your nation, you should give this article a read. This is a light-hearted story about how nationality changes the way people perceive us, while also influencing how we perceive other people. There are a lot of exciting qualities in Romanian women that make them a suitable choice for marriage. Romanian girls are a dream come true for most men.

Romania is part of the Caucasus. or Many Romanians speak Russian.

I left someone a recipe for my mother’s polenta (we call it mămăligă, it’s quite the mouthful). I was moved by everyone’s determination to visit and see for themselves. Only this questioning and curious spirit can melt away preconceived ideas. It’s among poorer communities that girls marry at 12 or 13, leaving school. But even within these communities, there are women who fight it. One of Giuvlipen’s latest performances, Who killed Szomna Grancsa? Szomna was a smart and studious Roma girl of 17 from the Transylvanian village of Frumoasa.

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Girls lean more toward all of the Disney princess films. One Disney princess in particular that everyone loves is Cinderella. Cinderella is what every little girl wishes they could be, with her long blonde hair, and finding her prince charming. However, “By looking a little bit further into Disney films, we realize that they were setting up gender roles for us as kids, that we aren ‘t completely comfortable with today” (“Gender Roles in Disney Films”). Now, as adults we realize that Cinderella was mainly about gender roles and societal norms. Under the rule of President Nicolae Ceausescu, the marginalization of women within socialist Romania was strengthened by the government’s denial of sexual liberation to women. In Ceausescu’s refusal to allow women governance over their bodies, restrictive reproductive policies that emphasized the femininity of women were created.

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